We met onboard a cruise ship - she was the business one and he was the creative one. We were a perfect match. Then we started our small business in our studio apartment-designing and assembling roll up banners on a folding table. We grew naturally, then we we knew we could do more, so we trusted the vision we had and went for it! We knew that as long as we kept treating our customers the same we did on Day 1, then we could do it!

H - We are HUMAN and we make human decisions. We make business decisions with people in mind. We take pride in our work and put our clients and employees first.

O - We are OUTSIDE THE BOX, we think differently, we push the boundaries and surprise our clients, while also being relevant. We create ideas that can be implemented.

L - We create LOYAL FANS, we live to hear our customers and our team members shouting from the rooftops. We want to do more than anyone else - the unexpected, the WOW. 

A - We are ACCOUNTABLE, we take pride in our work as it is a reflection of our integrity. We always need to be on top of our game and deliver that to our clients and to each other. Top quality, no excuses.

Meet Our Team

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Mike Muscarella

Graphic Designer & Production