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Exploring Creative Inspiration at Sloomoo Institute for Cruise and Hospitality Designs

At Hola Ink, we believe that creativity knows no bounds. We're always on the lookout for fresh ideas and innovative concepts that we can infuse into our projects for cruise and hospitality clients and our recent trip to Chicago for an expo was the perfect time. After hearing our kids obsess about this plac, I embarked on a colorful adventure to the Sloomoo Institute in Chicago, and little did I know that this immersive experience would not only be a source of mother daughter hilarity and joy, but also a wellspring of creativity for our business.

The Sloomoo Institute: Where Imagination Takes Center Stage

Nestled in the heart of Chicago, the Sloomoo Institute is an oasis of creativity, a place where whimsy and imagination know no limits. From the moment we stepped inside, it was as if we had crossed a threshold into a world where vibrant colors, squishy textures, and boundless possibilities awaited. We started out our experience by being welcomed by a staff member, signed a waiver, and had to wait to watch an instructional/safety/welcome video. (Felt like a boat drill a little bit.) But overall they did a great job with the content as it prompted us to create our SlooMoo names, told us about their history and also gave us the rules.

Exploring Creative Inspiration at Sloomoo Institute for Cruise and Hospitality Designs

Add SlooMoo Falls to our Passport

Our journey began with a visit to the "Sloomoo Falls," a mesmerizing cascade of rainbow-colored slime with a fun neon "slime and repeat" sign above the wall. The tactile sensation of the flowing slime, combined with the visual splendor of its hues was a great entry moment. It immediately sparked our imaginations and got us excited for what was next. I couldn't help but marvel at the vividness and flexibility of this unconventional medium, wondering how we could incorporate such sensory delights into our cruise and hospitality designs. It is a really fun moment to slap your slime onto the wall and also see how many people have visited. How do we make design just as fun?

Exploring Creative Inspiration at Sloomoo Institute for Cruise and Hospitality Designs

Creativity Takes Flight at Sloomoo

The Sloomoo Institute encourages visitors to let their creativity run wild. My daughter walked in and went from vat to vat of slime. There were icy slimes, textured slimes, foamy slimes and a whole lot of other names she knew and I didn't. We found ourselves experimenting with different textures, colors, and shapes. As we molded and shaped our own slime creations, we realized the immense potential this hands-on experience held for team-building activities and interactive guest engagements on during a vacation experience. (Meet "Lydoo" 👇🏻 )

Exploring Creative Inspiration at Sloomoo Institute for Cruise and Hospitality Designs

Exploring Creative Inspiration at Sloomoo Institute for Cruise and Hospitality Designs

A World of Possibilities for Cruise and Hospitality

My visit to the Sloomoo Institute was not just about enjoying a day of fun my daughter; it was a reminder that creativity is everywhere, waiting to be harnessed. The institute's dedication to offering an unconventional, immersive experience aligns perfectly with our mission at Hola Ink - to bring unique and engaging concepts to our cruise and hospitality clients.

From Inspiration to Implementation

As we left the Sloomoo Institute, we carried with us not only colorful memories but also a newfound perspective on the power of creativity. (Oh and $100 worth of slime, OMG it is so expensive ha ha.) No in all honesty, while USPH may prevent the exact same concept onboard a ship, there is a world of possibility on what can be taken from what they did so well and utilize it in any hospitality experience - from hotels to ships to party experiences. We are excited to explore ways to translate the magic of this experience into our design projects. Whether it's creating beautiful designs, coming up with creative installations, interactive art, or immersive guest experiences, we're committed to infusing the spirit of creativity into every aspect of our work and LOVE this part of what we do for our clients.

👇🏻 Grab all our images and videos from our visit to Sloomoo Institute. 📸

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