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Don't Give Landfill Gifts: A Sustainable Holiday Gifting Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the delightful tradition of gift-giving. But before you reach for the usual generic presents, let's embark on a journey of more mindful and sustainable gifting. It's time to challenge ourselves to give gifts that won't end up in a landfill, and instead give gifts that resonate with meaning and purpose. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Gift of Empowerment:
Support a Cause

If you find yourself on a tight budget this holiday season, remember that sometimes the most meaningful gifts don't come in boxes. Consider donating to a charity in your client or vendor's name. Organizations like, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, or a local ocean foundation can make a world of difference. Your gift becomes a symbol of care, compassion, and social responsibility. You can pair it with a beautiful card and meaningful note - "In lieu of a cellophane wrapped gift basket that may or may not get eaten, this year we decided to give from the heart for those that need it the most. We made a donation of $X to X on your behalf. (Insert a sentance about the charity's mission.)"

Daily Delights:
The Trending Stanley Quencher

For a gift that keeps on giving every day, explore the Stanley Quencher. This tumbler is everywhere right now, so how can you make it special? Customize it with your recipient's initials, and that's a gift that is not going to get trashed. In fact, we know it is a good gift when our clients send us emails saying thank you and tell us their partner already stole the gift from them. That's a sign of good gift giving!

The Carry-All Companion:
A Quality Bookbag

A good bookbag is like a trusted friend, always by your side. Consider gifting a high-quality book/office bag that's not only stylish but also functional. This one has a fun stainless steel plate to engrave initials on, Tumi style. Whether it's for business meetings, weekend getaways, or everyday adventures, a well-designed bookbag is a thoughtful and enduring gift.

The Gift of Growth: A Beautiful Plant

Last year, we decided to change our gifting game. Instead of logo-ed items, we gave our clients a beautiful plant. With it came a heartfelt message about growth and gratitude for their contribution to our journey. Every time they watered that plant or received a compliment on it, they could think of us. Better than flowers, it was a gift that kept on growing, just like our relationship.

So, this holiday season, let's redefine our approach to gifting. Say no to landfill gifts and yes to meaningful, sustainable gestures of appreciation. Whether it's supporting a cause, offering daily delights, choosing a bookbag, or nurturing growth with a plant, your gifts can reflect the depth of your gratitude and the values you hold dear.

Let's make this holiday season more than just a time of giving. Let's make it a season of giving thoughtfully, sustainably, and from the heart.

Join Us on a Sustainable Gifting Voyage

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